Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bakasyunan Resort Employs Aetas and Builds School

Lubos Alyansa ng mga Katutubong Ayta ng Sambales (LAKAS.PH) — Philippines Iba, Zambales. The indegenous people of Zambales were affected by the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption and flash flooding had no choice but to resettle in the mountas of Iba, Zambales. There are about 2,000 who resettled in Brgy. Olpy, sitio Amungan and the other Aeta groubls in their barangays further up in Zambales.

The owners of Bakasyunan Resort (Centro Spoecialists) saw their living conditions and responded quickly by employing some to work for the resort and their farmlands nearby. They also learnt how the barangay was in need of educational and health facilities and teachers for the Aeta kids as they are illeterate due to their living in the bush/land lifestyle. The officials of Centro, Bkasuyan also learnt that the kids had to walk few kilometres to access their nipa hut classrom just so they can learn the basics of reading, writing and mathematics that they agreed to build a school that is central to all the Aeta barangays.

8,000 square metres of land was awarded by DENR to the DEPED for school building after the meeting which was initiated by DEPED and DENR. An agreement was signed sometime in May 2010 for the construction to commence in Jun 2010 for the amount of P1.5 million.

On September the Aetas had their own two-classrom concrete schole thatn can sit 80 students, with a trained teacher in alternative learning. This school was then named Doña Luisa Obieta Elementary School — a name based on a family that has the most largest stake in Centro Specialists and Bakasyunan Resorts.

There are other construction made including a well from the natural spring for continuous water supply to Braranga Olpy. Bakasyuna also provides basic necessities such as snaks, slipers, T-shirts raincotas, school bags and includes a day care centre for future plans.

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