Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where Do We Go

Lubos Alyansa ng mga Katutubong Ayta ng Sambales (LAKAS.PH) — Recently, I've placed a little article regarding Arjhon Gilbert, who is an Ayta and became a youtube sensation because of his singing abilities. He uses his talent for alms for a little compensation to help his parents earn a little money. Those whom he's entertained, loved him so much that many of them became regulars and now his friends. There are many videos of him uploaded on youtube with hope he can be discovered. Even to a point where he was televised for his greatness.

But that's just it you see. Many of the Ayta's are forced to this way of life. What I mean by that is, they are forced to work the streets, for alms in hope that they will be compensated by way of donations for a living. Begging as you would know can get annoying and very irritating especially when the beggar is persistent with and follow you around. But these folks have no choice. They have been displaced from the society from the norms of their lives and culture.

Where Do We GoAyta's are primarily gatherers and hunters, using the land for a living. Unlike the rest of the society. This is their culture, their lifestyle. When the land from which they live on is in disarray, they too will be affected. Such as the Mt. Pinatubo volcanic explosion where hundreds of thousands of Ayta's were displaced and now living amongst the general population of society. Their way of life being disrupted and ofcourse have no knowledge and skills in the way modern population operates.

Then there's land grabbing. Aetas by right have a vast land because they roam from one place to the next. True Indigenous life style. But what happens when their land is taken away from them. They are yet being evicted. There are some 3,000 Dumagats from Northern Sierra Madre in Aurora province who are being evicted from their Ancestral land. This area expands to 12,427 hectares. Legally the government can zone out these lands due how the law is written. But the indigenous people were not consulted about it and now the occupants of this land have no choice but to relocated to camp sites.

The area of about 12,000 hectares, in view of the government is better off being used as fishing farm for export use.

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